Friday, September 25, 2009

family pic

So we took family pictures a while ago. .. but we only got one of them cause it was free and the place was ridiculously expensive for sheets. It was the first professional family picture we have ever done and Ashton is almost 3! How lame are we??


Okay, so I realized that our life is extremely boring. Most people post things that are going on in their lives and I seriously have nothing to post. I can tell you about the past a little but most of you already know that stuff.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Blog!

Wow, so people have been bugging me to do this forever and I am just now getting to it. Forgive me. Here is our history...

Jason and I have been married since August 4, 2006. We had our amazing little boy on December 10, 2006. We have been living in the same apartment since we got married. It's pretty gross but it's cheap and we can have our dog, Harley, here so we love it- it's our home! I have been working at Gold's Gym in the daycare for almost two years now. It gets a little tiring at times but I still love it! The friends I have made there are amazing and I wouldn't trade them for the world! Jason has been flight instructing(helicopters) since January and loves to be in a great career! He works very hard and we love him to death for it! He is also working on getting his fixed wing rating so we'll see where life takes us. We are expecting another baby boy in December on the 13th(hopefully sooner cause I do not make a happy pregnant person). That's about it. We love life, each other, our son and son to be and we wouldn't change anything right now!