Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ha Ha

Alright bloggers who still follow me... I am a new person today! I read back on my posts and am pretty embarrassed at how lame I am for complaining so much. So, I am not doing it anymore. Life is actually pretty good right now. Ashton started preschool and is loving every minute of it. After getting over the initial shock of my baby growing up, I am also loving it. It is so nice to only have one kid to worry about for 3 hours of my day! I also love that he comes home so exhausted that he wants to sleep, so I get a few hours to myself while him and Kingston take their naps! It's not everyday, but it's enough to make me happy! We have been sick a lot but are surviving. I am still wanting another kid so hopefully that happens soon. I'm hoping to be pregnant by March so about 6 months left :) Jason and I haven't had a lot of alone time and the stress wears on us but we are trying to plan a trip away soon so we can have some good quality time that doesn't involve kids. Jay's brother Adam is on a mission in Uruguay and loves it! It's really weird having him gone and time is going by slow. We really miss him. School also started for Jay and I. Still just doing online classes but they are very time consuming and I'm a little worried that this may be the hardest semester yet! But, we will get through it, as we always do. I love this new found faith of mine. I know that no matter what happens and how hard life is, we always make it through and I know it's because of our Heavenly Father and our faith in Him and in the church. As my mom always says, pay tithing and live life the way we are supposed to, and the blessings will fall into place. It's so true and, although I complain a ton, I know that I am truly blessed in my life and I love that!!!