Monday, March 7, 2011

Yes, this is the smile of a little "stinker". He tends to look so innocent and that face could melt your heart. However, this little guy is a wild one. He is constantly hitting kids, getting into cords and outlets, and pulling my hair. But, I can't resist when he turns on that charm with those big blue eyes and huge open mouth smile! I love that boy to death!!! He is starting to run... his little legs just go as fast as they can the second he gets the opportunity to bolt. It's adorable. And, although, he is skinny as ever, he is the biggest eater you've ever seen. Yes, there is one bigger than Ashton (he's always been our little pig). Kingston will eat us out of house and home for sure! He is just growing so fast and making me want another one soooooo much more! I can't even describe to you how badly I want a baby! I'm dying to feel those little kicks in my belly, hear the sound of a heartbeat on a little monitor at a monthly checkup, anticipate the outcome of a gender ultrasound, anxiously await the feeling of a first labor contraction, be hooked up to monitors and waited on hand and foot, push with all my might til I hear that tiny little cry, and hold a precious little angel in my arms knowing that there is no greater moment in the entire world and that just for those first few seconds, the world stands still. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than having a baby. Despite all the pain and discomfort throughout pregnancy, it is all so worth it to see this little life you have created. And, no matter how much money you know you are going into debt and how stressful and tiring your life is going to be, you know that it will all be peaceful when you see that cute smile form on the lips of your child! Can you tell how badly I need a baby???
And, then they grow up and need things. Like 8 caps on their teeth at 4 years old. Yeah, Ashton has the worst teeth in the world! I brush, floss, keep sweets away and he still ends up with cavities like no other! Last year, he had 6 cavities filled. Then we went back for a checkup and they said one was forming but it should be okay. Well, 6 months later, he needs 8 caps put on. He is doing great but is a little upset that his teeth are silver. He at first wanted them to go away, but is slowly accepting them. Him and daddy call them special teeth that have "bullets" on them. I love the way Jason is with the kids. To see him and Ashton play puts the biggest smile on my face. He is Ashton's "boss" and Ashton is "captain". Can you believe they have "pet names" for each other. Lol~ I love it and I love them!