Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey everyone! So, since i've blogged last and had my pity party, life hasn't necessarily gotten easier or less stressful, but I'm in a good mood today! I deleted my facebook in hopes of destressing my life. But, i've noticed this last month has,been one of the most stressful of all. I didn't tell anyone, but I was pregnant! Unfortunately, all my stress probably was what caused me to miscarry just this week! I'm in a super deep funk about it all. I've been through it before and figured I could handle it ok but I'm not ok. Jay has made the comment of me being in a zombie-like state over it. I will bw fine and I'm not on here to whine... Just figured without facebook I should keep people updated on my current stuff. On happier notes, I'm really excited for ashton because he starts preschool in less than a month! Once we got the shots out of the way, he is very excited and I love to see his face light up every time he talks about it! The only thing that gives me a good attitude these days is my boys! They just light me upand make me rise out of my funk. I also recently visited my family in nevada and that was really good for me to get away and not have to think about anything for a few days! They have a frightening addition to their home though! They have about 8 or 9 rattle snakes in their house in two cages. You touch the cage and they all start rattling and it is so scary! I am deathly afraid of snakes so I has tons of anxiety just being in their house but I got over it and survived sleeping there. I love going back to my roots and being on a farm again! I sometimes miss the simplicity of being in the middle of nowhere without a care and smelling the hay around you and being super dusty the whole time... It's something that really comforts me!!! Anyways, I'm running out of things to say but I will try to keep this updated more. Oh, and we moved apartments too!!! I love not living in a disgusting apartment with trashy neighbors! Sooooo much! The end. :)