Saturday, January 29, 2011


I should probably keep this updated...

There isn't a lot going on in our lives per say but we are crazy busy all the time! Jason got some more students and is working more now, so that is really great! This will get him closer to his 1,000 hours and a new, steady job! Unfortunately, it also gets us closer to indefinitely moving away and that I cannot even think about right now!!! I took team lead and am working till 2 everyday now, which has been okay for me but hard on the boys. It is right in the middle of naptime for Kingston and he refuses, for the most part, to take a nap at the gym! Occasionally one of the girls can get him to fall asleep but even then he wakes up about 45 minutes later. He also had croup this past week, which meant not working hardly at all! The biggest thing about my new schedule is... I work til 2 come home and put kingston down for a nap and then get ashton and myself some lunch. By the time all this is accomplished, I have to get dressed for working out at 4 and get home at 6, to make dinner and do a little cleaning, put the boys to bed, and try to settle in for homework. The only problem is after all that running around, I sit and basically wanna just pass out. I try to read my homework and end up falling asleep. School is definitely taking the biggest hit out of all the things in my life right now. And, to make it worse, I have 4 classes that are fairly difficult( for me at least). I am taking Math 1010 (you all know how terrible I am at Math), Political Science (i'm not even registered to vote and could care less about politics, so you can imagine how that class is going), Sociology (this involves a ton of reading, which I struggle with staying awake on), and Psychology (this is one I could enjoy if it wasn't on the backburner- it doesn't have more than 2 deadlines the whole semester, so i literally have not even looked at the book yet!). I'm extremely bummed about school lately. I was so glad I made it through last semester and I was looking forward to another challenging, but easy enough for me semester. Unfortunately, i just took on too much. My timing with team lead, 4 classes, and my LOVE of zumba is just very off! Jason says I need to sacrifice my workouts for school, but in reality, I can't do homework when the kids are awake anyways, so what is the point? Plus, I feel like an entirely different person when i workout! I feel healthy, less stressed, and have a clearer head than the days I miss workouts! I CANNOT sacrifice or I'll go insane!!!
Now that I've rambled away, I must say that I love my life. I really do! I am a complainer at heart but I love my kids, I love my husband and how much he does for me, I love my job, I love my friends, and I love the opportunities I am given in this life!

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