Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's been almost a year since I last posted. Wow that's sad. A lot has gone on since then and it's been a bit of a ride, but it's been good. We added our beautiful baby girl Finley Ann to our family on June 20th 2012. She has been a joy. She has definitely been a lot harder than the boys and has confirmed my feelings on being done having kids, but she is perfect in so many ways. I love love love having a little girl! My life is so complete right now. We are living together as a family after spending 7 months of seeing each other when we could ever couple weeks or what not. It's amazing being whole again. My life is incredibly blessed. I have an amazing, hard working husband who gives me more love than I deserve. I have 3 beautiful children that put a giant smile on my face each day and that give me a reason to wake up in the morning. it's just perfect right now. Henderson is great too. It isn't without complaint of course, because nothing in my life is, but we are making it home for at least another year and we are fine with that decision. It's very very hot right now since we are in August, but I'm excited for the winter and the chilly but not freezing cold weather. That's one thing I will not miss about Utah- the nasty snow and cold winters. There is also a lot to do here. There are two swimming pools at our apartment complex, countless stores and malls, the Las Vegas strip, a chocolate factory and cactus gardens, Lake Mead close by, and tons of recreation centers with activities like crazy. We have Ashton all set up to go to kindergarten starting August 27th. He is also signed up for a youth soccer league that starts in a couple weeks. And, he's got a loose tooth that he is excited about. Kingston is growing up so much. He talks your ear off if he is warmed up to you, he is a little fish in the pool, he adores his big brother and baby sister, and his bright blue eyes and big smile melt my heart every single day. He will always be my little baby even though I have Finley. Speaking of, she is growing fast. She is a little chubs. She has to be fast approaching 15 pounds I bet and she is only 8 weeks old! She has rolls all over the place and we joke that she will need a training bra before she hits a year old lol. She has the darkest eyes and eyebrows of all the kids and such a serious but cute look about her that it's hard not to stare at her all day long. We buzzed her hair so it will grow evenly, but it isn't. It's growing back a lot faster on top but it will be okay I think. She will have dark brown hair from what I can tell and I'm hoping it will be curly because I always wanted one of the kids to have curly hair and the boys definitely do not. She will be a little heartbreaker when she gets bigger and I love her to death. Jason is great!!! He is flying Grand Canyon tours for a company called Papillon Helicopters. He works about 8 hours a day and does 3-4 flights a day. He gets paid pretty good and gets good tip money and I think he really likes it, despite the intense heat and the repetitiveness of his days. he definitely doesn't complain like he did with flight instructing. I couldn't be more proud of all that he has accomplished! He is the definition of amazing! me, I'm just hanging out at home with the kids. I feel restless a lot and need to maybe start looking for a part time job to get me out of the house and give me some adult interaction. I also need to hit up a gym or the fitness center of our complex because baby number 3 was not kind to my body and I had it pretty fine-tuned before I got pregnant so it's a little depressing. But, my mood is great, I take the kids to church every sunday while Jay works and I feel extremely grateful for everything I have right now. I want for nothing and it's great to be able to say that. As I always say, I will try to keep this more updated but you may not hear from me for another year so don't hold your breath lol. :)

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