Monday, May 26, 2014

Utahns rock!

If anybody still checks up on us, i figured its about time to update the blog (you know, only about a year and a half late). Latest Sorensen adventures include moving back to Utah, jason getting his dream job, and kiddos getting way too big! So, we were in Henderson, nv when i last wrote. Its pretty rough keeping a blog when you post evrything on facebook already. Who wants to read things twice? Anyways, when jason and i got married, i begged him to let us move back to manti and he said five years. Well, he lied and drug it out for 7 1/2 instead but we are back and loving every minute of it! The kids get to see their grandma and grandpa on an almost daily basis (which is probably wearing on my in laws). Of course it isnt without sacrifice... jason works a week on and a week off in page, arizona. But the good news is, he got his dream job of being an EMS pilot! He loves it so much! He says he feels like he is actually flying with a purpose now and contributing to saving lives, which he is so its fantastic! I am extremely proud of him and all his hard work of getting here! As for me, i have been struggling with being a mostly stay at home mom. Sometimes i just need to break away from the kids, so ive been substitute teaching for the school district in hopes of getting an aide position in the special needs department in ephraim elementary. I have subbed mostly high schoolers (weird but my favorite so far) and in thr reading room as a tutor in the manti elementary. Also a few other classes like the special needs and the kindergarten and first grade. The things ive learned can be summed up as... i do not want to be a teacher and i do not like younger grades. They are a lot.of stress and energy. I much orefer the older kids who can be made aware that their actions affect their grades and im not responsible for them screwing up, whereas i am for thr yiung kids who need constant instruction to get through the day. But i really have enjoyed subbing and hope to continue it in the fall!i also really really love the special needs class! The kids are adorable and fun to hang out with and ive always held a special place in my heart for them! Moving on... the kids are growing like weeds! Ashton just finished first grade! He is such a smart kid and has a great personality. He gets in trouble with his sidekick kingston but can also be such a sweetheart and amazing helper with his little brother and sister! Kingston has troubke written all over his cute face. He can test my patience to the very end and keep going and then turn around and flash those blue eyes and say "i love you mommy" and i cave all over again. Looking back on past posts, it seems he has always headed that direction so it doesnt surprise me. He will start preschool this fall and is very excited! And then theres my little girl... they say moms and daughters have a special bond and ive been skeptical, i admit, but that girl melts my heart. Thats not to say i dont love my boys but its definitely a differnt bond that me and finley share and i adore her! She will be two next month and is a little ball of sass and cuteness all rolled into one. Where is life taking us? Hopefully we will buy house here someday and stay for good but the life of a pilot takes you many places so who can be sure. We take it one day at a time and pray for the best. Speaking of the life of a pilot, jason recently lost a good friend of his to a helicopter incident and it has really shken me. He left behind a wife and i cannot imagine how she is handling it. I worry so much for his safety and am constantly reminded that life is so fragile. You can be an amazing pilot and one bad maintenance check, one bad weather day, a bad judgement call, or a frwak accident and its over in the blink of an eye! Its terrifying and i try and remember to hold him real tight when he is home and pray real hard when he is gone. Thats us right now though... living the life and trying not to go crazy! Lol

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